How do I approve a CPD request?

There are a number of ways to approve CPD requests:

My School CPD Dashboard

Any CPD events that still require approval will show on the school CPD dashboard with a status of ‘Requested’. You can filter this table to view just requested events by using the filter that appears under the status table heading. Click the orange ‘Review’ button, look over the course details, and either ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ at the bottom of the page.

CPD Reporting – ‘Requests’

Running a request report will produce a table that shows all outstanding CPD requests. To find this report, go to ‘CPD’ > ‘CPD Reporting’ and look for the light blue ‘Requests’ report (available to both staff level – for line managers – and school level – for CPD coordinators and SLT). Click the blue action button next to the appropriate course, and select ‘Approve/Reject’. A pop up will then appear which will allow you to approve or reject the course.